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…Run Happee!!

Just needed a change! And I definitely feel this name a lot more than Mom is Gonna Run. :)

So, lots of things are happening. It’s almost Shamrock weekend again! The Shamrock Half Marathon is 4 days away! This will be my 2nd half marathon and 6th race, overall. I’m excited. I am a little nervous about the possibility of getting injured again, but I saw my foot doctor last week and he assured me that my feet are looking good and we went over injury prevention methods, so hopefully it won’t be an issue this time around. I’ll be very careful not to push myself, and if I start to feel any pain, definitely don’t go any further. As much as I want to finish and cross that finish line and get that medal, being out of commission for a few months is not the price I want to pay for it. Not again.

This weekend, the 17th, the very day I’m racing actually, will mark the 1 year anniversary of the day I first completed my first race and began this whole journey. So, this is definitely a special day for me and I’m really looking forward to it and hoping it goes well. I can’t say I don’t have a goal time. I finished the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in 3 hrs and 34 min (16:22 average pace). So, beating that, of course, is my goal. But if I can finish under 3 hrs 15 min, that would be great. But we’ll see what happens.

Also in exciting news this weekend, for the very first time, and also doing it Shamrock style, my 9 yr old daughter Lola will be completing her first race! She’ll be doing the Shamrock/Operation Smile Final Mile. It’s only a mile long race, but it’s pretty awesome her first race will also be a Shamrock race. She’s so excited! Her race is on Saturday, mine is on Sunday. I’m so proud of her.

She’s also signed up for her first 5k! A few friends and I are doing the Autism Awareness 5k as a team (we’re called Run Lola, Run in honor of Lola, who has Asperger’s) and Lola said she wanted to race with us. That’s March 30th. So, I’m going to work with her between now and then and make sure she’s more than ready to do 3.1 miles comfortably!

Come Saturday, all 3 of the Cotton girls will have medals! I’m definitely a proud momma!


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