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I turned 31 today. It wasn’t a bad day, either. It was quite pleasant. 

I’m hoping 31 will be a good year for me. 30 wasn’t very great. I’m planning on making positive changes and really make my life better. I want to get healthier, get in shape, be happier, and, overall, improve my life. 

I am excited for this new beginning, and motivated to get started and stick with it.


So, I’m subscribed to quite a few blogs here on WordPress and I kept wondering why I didn’t receive any notifications of new blogs by email. I thought people weren’t posting or something. Yeah, I didn’t realize I had to go in and change the settings. Duh, Heather.

From now on, I will be commenting on my friends’ blogs on here. Sorry if it seems I’ve been neglecting you all!

In just a few weeks, I’ll be turning 31 (November 26th).

I always love a new month. It’s a good time for a fresh start. You can start a new habit and try to be consistent with it or just change things up a bit. I’m doing both. I have a bit of a problem with being consistent with things. It’s definitely a habit in itself that I need to work on.

I started the month off by buying myself some new clothes. It’s all workout clothes, which hopefully “fitness” will be the theme for this month. I have a lot of weight to lose so it’s time to really kick that off now.

I start a half marathon training program at the end of the month. So I’d like to lose some weight before that so I’m not starting off bad.

I’m taking a bootcamp class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so hopefully that will help with getting me in a little bit of good shape.

So here’s to a great fitness filled month!

Yesterday was the Crawlin’ Crab 5k and I actually finished! My official finishing time was 53:14, which means I had a 17:10 minute mile. Definitely not my fastest pace. In fact, looking back on my Atlinks Results Page, that would be my slowest pace in a race ever. But I have to remember that I ran (and mostly walked) that with an injury. I’m currently going through physical therapy, just started last week, actually, so I’m not even close to my best yet. But I finished and that’s the important thing. I was worried I wouldn’t, so it’s a big deal to me that I did.

My physical therapist told me today, she thinks the people who take longer to finish are actually sometimes working harder than the people who finish first, mostly because a lot of times those people have injuries or more weight to carry than other people. And that’s true for me. I’m not sure I worked harder than someone who finished in 25 minutes, but I did my best.

And finishing that race yesterday sparked something in me. I got my fire back, my motivation. I had lost it for a long time, had trouble even getting motivated to try and go walking or work out. But now I am ready to start full on training, eating better, and exercising. It makes me feel so good that I am getting back to my old self and finding my passion again. That’s what it’s all about. I think if you live your life without being passionate about something, it’s a very sad life. And I was living that for a long time before I discovered running and even for awhile while I was lost.

I did great in physical therapy today. It was my first full session and I feel so much better, even though my calves are so sore still!

I really hope this is the start of things looking up.

Well, tomorrow is race day. Just 10 hours from now I’ll be at the starting line getting ready to take off.

I’m pretty nervous. I just want to finish honestly. I hope my foot doesn’t mess up. 

Wish me luck!


This is a great article from SparkPeople for those of you runners who enjoy yoga!

My first day of physical therapy went really well today. I really like my therapist. She did say I have weak ankles, but she cleared me for the race this weekend, as long as I’m careful.

When she asked me what one of my goals were, I said to be able to run a mile without stopping, and she said it’s definitely something we’ll work on.

I did manage to workout some today and my eating was better than usual.

One day at a time, I guess.

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