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Letting go

Posted on: August 2, 2012

I’ve mentioned before about how a big part of this is about weight loss and getting into shape. I’ve been doing some research and while reading a few of these books, I’ve learned that weight loss isn’t just a physical process. It’s a emotional and psychological process as well. You really have to work on yourself.

It’s not always “oh I just felt like eating these cookies and chips and didn’t stop for no reason.” There’s something behind it. Some emotional pain. Something in your mind weighing on you. Something inside you you need to face and just let go of.

For me, it’s many things. I’ve had some issues along the way. I can’t say things have been wonderful. It’s been hard at times. I’m sure there are other people in different situations who could have had it worse off than myself, but that doesn’t mean I was affected any less by what’s gone on in my life.

People make mistakes in their life. People screw up sometimes. It gives no one, no matter who it is, the right to call them worthless or things similar to that. Especially by people they are supposed to be close to. After awhile, they start to feel that way. They start to wonder if they really are like that if THIS certain person thinks of them this way. It’s heartbreaking going everyday being unsupported and feeling unloved by someone you think should love you unconditionally. It’s a feeling that makes it hard to speak. Even keeps you up at 3 in the morning some nights.

But, there comes a time when you realize, no matter who that person is, that they are the way that they are. It doesn’t and shouldn’t affect you. No matter what you do, they’ll always be that way. Nothing will change it. You have to realize that you’re stronger than that. That you CAN get past it. That their words have no power over you and what you can do. And maybe, just maybe they are part of what’s been holding you back.

So, I’m letting it go. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Maybe that person will change, maybe they won’t. Who knows. All I know is I can’t let it hurt me anymore the way that they are. The way that they treat me.


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